4 Jun. 2011 11:06 // Serdar

The Right to Give Offence

Serdar Somuncu's shows have titles like 'The Hate Preacher', 'The Antiturk', or 'Hitler Kebab'. The German-Turkish entertainer demands a lot of his public, but what he's really aiming at is a kind of moral renewal, as Lewis Gropp reports

26 Aug. 2008 00:00 // Serdar

Recording at Pantheon

Serdar’s performances on the 9th and 16th September 2008 at the Pantheon in Bonn will be recorded.

25 Aug. 2008 00:00 // Serdar

Last curtain drops at the end of 2009

After Serdar had announced his leave of the stand-up-stage at the beginning of this year, he now definitely finishes his work at the republic’s stages with his “Hassprediger”-Tour in December 2009 and draws back for a long time. Until then, there are possibilities to experience him live. There are also new exciting projects present.

14 Aug. 2008 00:00 // Serdar

Back from holidays

We are back from the summerbreak with fresh energy and new pep. Serdar’s “Bild lesen”-tour now draws to a close. The first date of the last performances is on 9th September at the Panheon in Bonn.